This book’s point of departure is that all children, youngsters and their parents are entirely unique and that there is nobody who is ‘wrong’. But the point of departure is also that many people could use more balance in their life.

Do you recognize your child as being:

·       A small fairy floating across the surface of the earth who could use some grounding?

·       A drama queen who can work you into a dither?

·       A small, delicate violet who struggles getting by in this ‘harsh’ world?

·       A little domestic tyrant who rules the family?

·       A hyperactive turbo who has completely tired you out a long time ago?

·       A sulky or critical teenager who’s difficult to satisfy?

·       Or other moods/states of mind that could use some help?

Or are you yourself about to fly off the handle from being a parent?

E-book, 182 pages, beautifully illustrated with photos of the Bach flowers.

ISBN: 978-87-997390-8-0

Price: $ 22.95

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Susanne Løfgren is a Danish nurse, Reflexologist, Bach Practitioner, Trainer in reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies, coordinator of The International Bach Education, Scandinavia and owner of the publishing company

All my books are based on a holistic point of view.  My books reflect what I believe in and have been teaching for 30 years: We truly are Body-Mind and Soul on a journey. These 3 books help you to understand how to support your self on your journey. Susanne Løfgren