This book is full of possibilities. You can read it from start to finish and let it inspire you and/or you can look up the most common problems associated with menopause.

The physical discomforts associated with menopause and the ensuing years are described in several places in the book. This book is not a traditional ‘medical’ book and it does not provide an in depth account of the physiological aspects of menopause since there is plenty of information to be found on that topic on numerous science-related sites on the internet.

The problematic aspects in terms of lack of energy that one can encounter at the age of 40 and over are described several places in the book. I touch on how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views menopause because I find that particular theory especially useful.

A good part of the book deals with how the psyche may in uence us after the age of 40.

In connection with that, the section on Bach’s Flower Remedies for mental discomforts during menopause and the time thereafter may prove not only useful but a real eye-opener.

E-book, 189 pages, beautifully illustrated.

ISBN: 978-87-997390-9-7

Price: $ 22.95

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Susanne Løfgren is a Danish nurse, Reflexologist, Bach Practitioner, Trainer in reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies, coordinator of The International Bach Education, Scandinavia and owner of the publishing company

All my books are based on a holistic point of view.  My books reflect what I believe in and have been teaching for 30 years: We truly are Body-Mind and Soul on a journey. These 3 books help you to understand how to support your self on your journey. Susanne Løfgren