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One Point Reflexology - A Method of Holistic Treatment

This book will teach you a unique way of treatment combining the fundamental principles of reflexology with Traditionel Chinese Medicine (The Law of the 5 elements, acupressure points), Bach Flower Remedies, Healing and Chakras as reflex points.

The principles of the book can easily be used by non-reflexologists. There is plenty of information, knowledge and inspiration to be found for anyone interested in the connection between body-mind-soul.

You can download a reading sample for free here.

146 pages, beautifully illustrated.

ISBN: 978-87-997390-7-3

Please note that this is an e-book (pdf).

Price: 22.95 USD


About the author

Danish nurse, reflexologist, Bach Practitioner, Trainer in reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies (The International Bach Education) and owner of the publishing company

All my books  are based on a holistic point of view.  My books reflect what I believe in and have been teaching for 30 years: We truly are Body-Mind and Soul on a journey. These 3 books help you to understand how to support your self on your journey.