One Point Reflexology - Learn how to treat all the bodies of your client. Read the book or take a course.

For anyone wishing to work in a holistic way and learn shortcuts to a more efficient and deeply therapeutic method without dropping the fantastic reflexology they are already working with. Highly suitable for therapists who want to be careful with their hands and shoulders and learn how gentle therapy can be just as efficient. Suitable for all sensitive clients and reflexologists. The treatment is gentle and yet effective.

You learn to work with the four bodies – the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies – of our clients and yourself, using a well-developed and thoroughly tested method in which we concentrate on the most important aspects. In other words, we do not work with all the different points, but compose an efficient and effective therapeutic plan based on the entire medical record of the patient.

There is a great deal of emphasis on the effective use of meridian theory to find some therapeutic ‘shortcuts’ and concentrate on the most important issues and points.

We work with the underlying causes, the client’s mental state as the root to his diseases and disorders, according to Dr. Bach's philosophy and with the help from the Bach Flower Remedies.
Students also receive instruction in a non-dogmatic method of healing, protection of the therapist, and using visualisation techniques and a short meditation session focusing on the therapist’s own motivation and inner strength.

Susanne Løfgren is ready to offer courses in One Point Reflexology for reflexologists around the globe (2-3 days).
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The e-book on One Point Reflexology is available here

The book is beautifully illustrated, 146 A4 pages. Easy to print yourself or to be read on I pads/computers.
Free reading sample here.

About the author and teacher

Susanne Løfgren is a registered nurse (1978-1990), Reflexologist (1983-), Bach practitioner, registered with the Bach Foundation in the UK (1995-), coordinator of the International Bach Education Programme (1996-), accredited as a Bach instructor in Scandinavia and director at CASU since 1990. Susanne has worked for many years to combine reflexology with treatment of the meridians and the mind – which is where most diseases come from.

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